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Past the First Post

I wanted to write my first post on May 1st.

I thought it would have meant something important as it is International Workers’ Day, therefore unveiling my political views once and for all. I believe May 1st is the day in the calendar that best represents me. There are a lot of references in my life that relate to “work”. The first article of the Italian Constitution, my attempt to understand how society works and should work, my overall philosophical approach to life (“working is a way for humankind to avoid realizing that there’s no need to live”).

Starting a blog is starting to travel online. I do travel “offline” a lot. But I feel a need for a platform to express my views that can be easily reached. Here we go.

Take off!

p.s.: as you may have noticed, the title of this post is a pun. I hope you won’t be annoyed by the fact that I will indeed use puns both in titles and texts of my posts.


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