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Political, Science?

SF (Ingleside)

Graduation, without a well-defined future already shaped before your eyes, could be deceitful. Having graduated from a social science department (“major” in the US), I have kept asking myself whether such a degree was clever to pursue at all or I would have been far better off by taking a bath in math (hard sciences). Who knows? But, seriously, why am I questioning my choices?

The last question opens a huge life review, sliding-doors thoughts, “what if” hypotheses… Nah, there must be a reason why I chose this path. All my life I have been questioning and testing human behavior, mainly through self-experimenting. Being picky, nerdy, and almost socially awkward were my attempt at understanding why humans could not understand another of their kind behaving similarly but with slight differences (“you don’t like dancing?, and you don’t drink?, wait, you don’t eat cheese either? wtf!?”). Italians are far more indulgent on Paolo’s food constraints, whereas Americans (and Spanish) put more stress on the partying mood. What’s more, they wouldn’t understand how I manage to enjoy a party without drinking and dancing.

Enough with background information, my quest for understanding why human beings like to exploit other humans, why they like escaping from their brains, why they don’t act logically even when they have perfect information waving its hand on their faces, has been my long-standing puzzle. My long arguments, full of entertaining mental exercises, are never based on the purpose of being told “you’re right, you win”. The optimal outcome I seek for is to understand the “why” and the “how”. That’s science for me. Causality and method. With a little bit of chaos to be added in the imperfect equation.

Political Science, as an academic school, is the best gym I could think of to practice my favorite experiments. Granting a background in many fields (Economics, Law, History, Statistics, Sociology) it allows the student to (re)search the micro-field that best fits their qualities and interests. It’s just like the foamy pillow I just bought. It’s a subject that adjusts itself to your head. And lets your thoughts flow better. Unbiased.


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