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The Long Summer

Giarre (Italy, home)

This will be a personal post. Yes, I’m just procrastinating everything else I’m supposed to write to ramble on an impromptu blog post instead. This crazy long summer has prevented me from sitting down and think as much as I want. May’s low-key start gave me the impression I could use some of my free time to keep a blog and have it up-to-date. Then I got busier and busier and it’s almost been a month since my last post.

However, much has been accomplished. My 70 days in the U.S. gave me any job-hunting, job-finding, job-declining experiences and many good friendly hugs. I just got back into the oven..ehm.. Sicily, without jetlag (or luggage) and I feel like using my time to write as much as I can, both to fulfill my promises and duties, and to channel my need to keep in touch with the other side of the Atlantic.

The newest things to keep an eye on from me are several: I’ll be co-writing a big paper on Bulgaria and its energy issues (nuclear, dependency on Russia…); next week, the first of 6 contribution to an Italian geopolitics journal will be published (on Poland, Bulgaria, and their shale gas game); in a week or two, I’ll write a book review for a very interesting volume that came out last month that collects a series of chapters by some among the top experts on Russian-EU-FSU foreign and energy policy experts (which is basically the same topic as my thesis).

Uh, my thesis, I forgot to mention. My (very serious) face is on the back cover of a book now. You can find it online through a bunch of book dealers like Amazon, MoreBooks… Please, if you’re still a student, I would very much appreciate your lobbying at your local library for their purchase of the book as it might be of interest for many students approaching the topic of energy and foreign policy especially in the Former Soviet Union. Or just ask the publisher for an electronic (free) review copy.

Moreover, I still have to start off another (more professional) blog on energy and politics, which is fully set up, fortunately. And, now that I know how to, I will be playing with mapping and geographic softwares in order to make all of the above more appealing for the thirsty-of-georeference eyes. And that’s all, not.


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