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An unbearable weight for Putin himself!

by Paolo Sorbello

Vladimir Vladimirovich was used to obey. During his secret service years, he responded with martial accuracy to commands coming from the Kremlin. However, in the past twelve years, he had to learn to rule the Russian Federation from the driver’s seat. In fact, ever since the very last hours of the Nineteen-hundreds he has been organizing every single election in his country. Putin has become the electoral dictator of Russia very early in this century, but many say it won’t last much longer. The Financial Times argues Putin’s next term will also be his last one. Pessimists laid back in their chairs on Sunday, preparing for another twelve years of Putinism. The tears in Putin’s eyes might well be a sign of his struggle to be in charge of a nation for so long.

After his administrative experience in St. Petersburg, Putin found himself, almost inadvertently, in…

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