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Monthly Archives: October 2013

gràcies per res, esplorazioni nell’Artico!

Almaty, Kazakhstan 

Come dicevo nello scorso post, tra le tante avventure che mi tengono impegnato oggi, c’è stata un’intervista con un magazine catalano sul presente e futuro dell’Artico. Il bravo giornalista Jaume Vinyas mi ha chiamato e mi ha fatto alcune, interessanti domande, per un articolo sul portale

Ne è venuto fuori un articolo molto interessante e ben bilanciato, tra questioni economiche, energetiche e ambientali, con interviste condotte anche con i collaboratori di Greenpeace. Io ho fatto la “voce della Russia e delle multinazionali dell’energia”, perché va bene sperare, ma se “i capi” dicono sì, si va avanti.

“La Russia non ha la tecnologia sufficiente e per tanto ha bisogno di accordi con compagnie multinazionali” – le compagnie coinvolte “si assumeranno tutti i rischi necessari” – “L’Artico è molto importante per la Russia perché sulla terra ferma i giacimenti sono vecchi e in declino, e pertanto si esauriscono” – “La Russia è uno dei Paesi meno avanzati in termini di tecnologia per (il monitoraggio e la prevenzione dei) versamenti, “oil spills”, e dunque uno di quelli che inquina di più“.

Questi sono i virgolettati. In generale dico che con l’apertura di spiragli economici, questo assicurerà il lancio di nuovi progetti, che contribuiranno, in parallelo con le nuove rotte marine, al riscaldamento globale, eliminando progressivamente le barriere (di nuovo, economiche) che avevano impedito le esplorazioni nell’Artico in passato.

Un cane che si morde la coda, insomma. E poi muore, perché se andiamo avanti così, rompiamo l’unico frigorifero che abbiamo sulla Terra.



Almaty, Kazakhstan

It’s been 3 months since I moved to Kazakhstan and almost 4 months since my last post.
There are reasons for this. Shortly, I’ll list them below.

– I am successfully continuing my collaboration with the newspaper ‘L’Indro‘, where I publish two weekly columns on the post-Soviet region, covering mostly politics and economics, with a pinch of energy, of course. With the newspaper I also got to experience the “press pass” for the first time and talked to several fellow journalists at KIOGE in Almaty and KazEnergy Forum in Astana.

– I am also on the lookout for opportunities to publish stories in English again.

– I was interviewed twice. Once by ‘MilanoFinanza‘, the ‘Financial Times‘ of Italy. The long interview was on one of my favorite topics: the future of energy in Russia. It occupies the first 4 pages of a special issue of the weekly magazine that was distributed at the G20 in St. Petersburg in September. The last interview, was taken today, with a journalist from Barcelona working for the new information platform Extramurs, “planetary” news in Català. We discussed about the Arctic and the geopolitical challenges around it. I probably talked too much about energy, but I structured my answers around the vicious circle Global Warming – Northern Route – Oil&Gas Drilling – Global Warming… If we leave it to the Smithian invisible hand of market forces, we’ll pretty soon live an eternal summer.

– I enrolled in 6 graduate courses at KIMEP University. The most challenging of which, is Kazakh language, of course (look at the bad pun in the title, Alma-Ata, Alma-Mater…)

– I am in the process of finishing 2 academic publications. One is a comparison of the effects of EU accession in Bulgarian and Lithuanian nuclear energy policies (edited volume, published by Brill, The Netherlands). The other is a paper on my dissertation topic: bringing Gramscian concept to the study of energy and foreign policy in the case of Caspian pipeline politics (edited volume, published by ibidem, Germany).

– I will also finish up my economic research on Nord Stream as soon as I get my last interviews back.

Work, work, work… But life in Kazakhstan goes well nonetheless. Nice and warm here in Almaty. I met several beautiful people that accompany me in the everyday struggle against Soviet-era bureaucracy.

A highlight was the meeting with an Italian singer that has captured the ears and the hearts of many Kazakhs: Son Pascal. Originally, I approached him for an interview. Then, soon after we developed a fresh friendship. I’m sure our adventure at the sauna last week with the two oldest Kazakhs alive, talking about the internet (?!), open-heart operations (?!), and wives (?!), was not the last.

Oh, and most importantly, the NEW PROJECT that I’ve been working on for 2 years now will see the light before the end of the year. It’s going to be awesome and it will make me happy. I will soon share the details.