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Giarre, Italy

I haven’t posted a thing in a while, mostly because of my crazy schedule for the last 45 days. Today it’s raining and I have to do several other things, so here I am posting a very French story. In other news, I have updated my list of publications in English and Italiano.

So, a French calcio-player that I never liked (Anelka) celebrates a goal with a gesture invented 4 years ago by an Anti-Zionist (and a little too far right) French comedian, which was quickly linked to anti-*semitic* behavior. French president (Social Democrat) bursts: “We must approve and support the government and the interior minister in the face of words or actions whose anti-Semitic character cannot be denied,” Hollande told journalists during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

In this instance, I find myself on the side of the player and the comedian. When I first read the news, the gesture was characterized as anti-semite on the title and anti-zionist in the body of the articles. Which goes to say how well educated journalists are nowadays. However, Jewish (and also Zionist) associations started shouting around that this behavior was inadmissible. The president did the same, from his very socialist political position and from his visit to the very democratic country of Saudi Arabia [I think I had an overdose of sarcasm here].

How can a self-declared revolutionary socialist stand by a far-right (so the papers say) comedian who invents a stupid gesture that looks like (with a bit of imagination) a reverse Nazi salute? Because if it’s an anti-zionist gesture, it is as another person said in a video: “You the Zionists who using the Holocaust to terrorize us and to prevent us from criticizing a neo nazi state that is the state of current Israel, this manipulation does not work anymore, that’s what it means”.

“But they do those gestures at Holocaust remembrance sites”, they say. Well, that might be offensive, but can also be a rupture with the self-censorship that refrains from saying that what was wrong then is wrong now. There cannot be a double-standard with the subject who, alas, created the first standard. The suppression of Arabs, the colonization of their land, and the increasingly uncompromising stance in international relations by the Israeli leadership clearly define who’s far-right and who’s against them.

Then again, this could be just a cover to justify Nazi behavior and anti-semitic hatred in Europe (would they accuse Israel of Nazi behavior, though? I’m not sure). But wasn’t it a (Communist) Frenchman who warned of the existential glitch in the personality of Jews that could turn them into involuntary anti-semites?


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