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Socialism and the crisis in Ukraine

There are sOCIALISTS and Socialists. The former’s take on Ukraine and the Eurasian Union is dangerous to the latter. This needed clarification.

Vostok Cable

Paolo Sorbello explains why the Eurasian Union’s fellow travellers will never see the ultimate triumph of their post-capitalist ideal.

Russian Air Force Star. Image by Mboro. Russian Air Force Star.
Image by Mboro.

Samir Amin, a renowned Marxist author and the director of the Third World Forum in Dakar, Senegal, wrote a short piece for Monthly Review in March, suggesting that the “people” – i.e. the socialist public that reads his leaflet – support “the policy of Russia as developed by the administration of Putin to resist the project of colonization of Ukraine”. His arguments, in the short and bullet-pointed piece, are scattered and typical of a confused leftist who tries to justify some aspects of the past, make parallels with the present, and spite all that is not socialist; although, all the great figures that the contemporary intellectuals cite from the past, did not go back in time themselves to find their raison d’être. Times have…

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