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~ Book on The Role of Energy in Russian Foreign Policy towards Kazakhstan (LAP Publishing, June 2011) – ISBN 9783844382211
full text available here

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Reviewed in:
¤ Daryl Morini (2011) –

~ Paper on Bulgarian nuclear energy, co-authored with Elvira Oliva: Nuclear Energy in Bulgaria: Strategic Implications for the EU and Russia (European Perspectives, June 2012) – ISSN 1855-7694

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¤ Michael Sander (2013) ‘Conceptual proposals for measuring the impact of international regimes on energy security‘, Energy Policy, vol. 63 [Working Paper – pdf]

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~ Chapter 6, ‘Pipelines and Hegemonies in the Caspian: a Gramscian Appraisal‘, in Andreas Heinrich and Heiko Pleines (eds.), Export Pipelines from the CIS Region Geopolitics, Securitization, and Political Decision-Making, ibidem-Verlag, Stuttgart, March 2014 –  ISBN 978-3-8382-0639-4

Review by Columbia University Press: This timely collection offers fresh perspectives to the analysis of the ‘New Great Game’ – the fight for access to the Caspian Sea region’s energy resources. To date, the export of the Caspian crude oil and natural gas has only been assessed geopolitically, which oversimplifies the political dynamics of the region and neglects to acknowledge the Caspian countries as actors in their own right.

~ Capitolo 13  ‘Disintegrazione e reintegrazione: le politiche energetiche regionali e internazionali dopo la fine dell’URSS‘, in Simone Attilio Bellezza (ed.), Atlante geopolitico dello spazio post-sovietico: Confini e conflitti, La Scuola, Brescia, pp. 175-186, 2016. ISBN: 978-8-8350-4262-4

~ Capitolo 14 ‘Multivettorialismo obbligato: la politica estera del Kazakistan dopo il 1991‘, in Simone Attilio Bellezza (ed.), Atlante geopolitico dello spazio post-sovietico: Confini e conflitti, La Scuola, Brescia, pp. 187-198, 2016. ISBN: 978-8-8350-4262-4 [English title: Integration and disintegration: Regional and international energy policies after the fall of the USSR]

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Interviews I gave:

Interviewed by MeydanTV, an opposition news outlet from Azerbaijan, on the economic and political interests behind the TAP pipeline and possible alternatives.
April 2017 [link-EN]

Interviewed by Rebeka Foley, contributor at Freedom House on the appointment of Azerbaijan’s First Lady to the post of Vice President.
March 2017 [link-EN – link-AZ]

Interviewed by Muhammad Tahir, chief of the Turkmen bureau at Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty on the effect of lifting state subsidies for Turkmenistan’s economy and society.
April 2016 [link-TMlink-RU]

Interviewed by Wade Shepard at on the effects of the Western Europe – Western China highway for Kazakhstan.
January 2016 [link]

Interviewed by Andrej Matisak for on the potential effects of an expansion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.
December 2015 [link-EN – link-SK]

Interview on Qishloq Ovozi, Bruce Pannier’s blog on Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Part of a panel with Muhammad Tahir and Luca Anceschi on Kazakhstan’s economic policies after the free float (and fall) of the tenge.
August 2015 [link – audio]

Intervista su Kazakistan, petrolio, economia e geopolitica dell’Asia centrale su Nessun luogo è lontano, programma di Giampaolo Musumeci su Radio 24.
Agosto 2015 [link – audio]

Interview in the Russian-language newspaper Kursiv on the Kazakhstan-Iran-Turkmenistan rail link.
July 2015 [link – full newspaper]

Interview in the Russian-language newspaper Kursiv on Turkish Stream.
June 2015 [link]

Interview on Qishloq Ovozi, Bruce Pannier’s blog on Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Part of a panel with Muhammad Tahir, Steve LeVine and John Roberts on Turkmenistan’s options for natural gas exports.
May 2015 [link]

Interview on the arrest of Anar Mammadli in Azerbaijan. On
December 2013. [link]

Intervista sui problemi geopolitici ed energetici nell’Artico e sulle relazioni internazionali in Kazakistan per Caffè Mondo, su OltreRadio.
Dicembre 2013 [link – audio]

Intervista sullo Speciale Italia-Russia di MilanoFinanza.
Settembre 2013. [pdf]

Interview in the Català magazine Extramurs.
October 2013. [link]

Reviewed Books:

‘When Salary is not Enough …’. Private Households in Central Asia, Eckhard Dittrich & Heiko Schrader (eds), Zürich: LIT Verlag, 2015 – published in Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 69, n. 8, November 2017 (link)

Building Business in Post-Communist Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: Collective Goods, Selective Incentives, and Predatory States, Dinissa Duvanova, Cambridge University Press, New York, 2013 – published in Studies of Transition States and Societies, vol. 8, n. 3, December 2016 (link)

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Negotiating Diplomacy in the New Europe, Stefanos Katsikas, IB Tauris, London, 2012 – published in Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 66, n. 2, February 2014 (link)

Russian Energy Security and Foreign Policy, Adrian Dellecker and Thomas Gomart, (Eds.), Routledge, London, 2011 – published in  Journal of Contemporary European Research, vol. 7, n. 3, 2011 (link)

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